The colours of outer space.

This week I’ve been neck high with getting my locations modelled, textured and lit so that I can start animating at the earliest oppertunity without having to worry about any further distractions. The process is proving to be a big one as I’m prepping not one not two but three different locations, the vast reaches of outer space, the grimey engine core of MI-STR0’s starship and of course the wreckage strewn surface of the planet where the story starts. A monsterous task that it is I’m fortunately not been tackling such a grand undertaking alone, with the help of fellow first year student Benson Njenga he has been working on modelling the starship and some of the wreckage. I’m very happy to count him amongst the MI-STR0 team and will be sure to upload his work in the future.

Now strap on your space suits and prepare yourselves to make a giant leap for mankind as we now drift into this week’s Maya update!

This is only a test piece that shows how the textures, scene layout and lighting function within a full rendered take. An important factor I had to consider when placing the planets in this scene is to not overcrowd it with anything and everything. I’m sure you all that the size of the universe is the Oxford dictionary term for vast and planets are spaced countless leagues from one another. Therefor you’re bound to not see alot floating about amongst the asteral phenomenon and star constellations, however that is not excuse to leave a blank space without anything to please aesthetically.

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